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Tareem Programs - Nur AzZahra

Programs & Activities in Tareem

Dar az-Zahra'

About Dar az-Zahra’

In the month of Rabiul Tsani 1995M/1416H, the first student of Dar az-Zahra’ arrived: Ustazah Amirah Jindan, sister of Habib Jindan.

Her arrival was just a couple of months after the first batch of thirty male students of Darul Mustafa arrived. Among them, Almarhum Habib Munzir and Habib Jindan. At that time, the building of Dar az-Zahra’ was yet to be built. As such, Ustazah Amirah Jindan lived with her two brothers, Habib Jindan and Habib Ahmad Jindan, who rented a house in an area named Aidid. Ustazah Amirah often followed the da’wah activities of Hubabah Umm Salim, the wife of Habib Umar Bin Hafizh. Besides that, she too attended the majalis of Almarhum Habib Hassan Assyatiri, Habib Salim Assyatiri dan Habib Masyhur, the elder brother of Habib Umar.

For many years, the pioneers of Dar al-Mustafa and Dar az-Zahra’ studied under the great scholars and awliya’ of Tareem. Upon completing their studies, they were instructed by Habib Umar to return to their country to do da’wah.

Sometime in the year 2000, more female students arrived to the doors of Dar az-Zahra’. Amongst them were the first batch of Singaporean students.

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40 Days Dowra

About the Dowra

The Dowra is a summer course that Dar al-Mustafa conducts every year since 1415H (1995).

Since only a few people will be able to study long term in Dar al-Mustafa or Dar al-Zahra, the Dowra was set up to give more people the opportunity to receive a portion of the Prophetic methodology upon which the Dar was established.

The Dowra is a spiritual journey. Students are reminded that they may not find things as they expect them to be and that every student will be tested in different ways. We ask students to look beyond human and material limitations so that you are able to obtain true spiritual benefit, which will last for an eternity.

Being flexible, open to new ideas and routines will immensely enhance your experience.

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Introduction to Tareem

About Tareem

Tareem (تريم ), Hadhramaut is a historic town situated in the Hadhramaut Valley of South Yemen South Arabia. Tareem is widely acknowledged as the theological, juridical, and academic center of the Hadhramaut Valley.

Tareem is a blessed land that has also been the abode of many Prophets عليهم السلام , the Companions, scholars and auliya of Allah رضي الله تعالى عنهم . It is also estimated to have the highest concentration of descendants of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم anywhere in the world.

Sayidina Abu Hurairah رضي الله تعالى عنه narrates that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

“The people of Yemen have come to you. They are tender-hearted and more delicate of soul. The capacity to understand (fiqh) is of the Yemenis and wisdom is that of the Yemenis.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 4129 & Sahih Muslim, no: 84)

Sayidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq رضي الله تعالى عنه also made du’a for Tareem for three things:

“Allah makes plentiful its water, and makes it prosperous till the Day of Judgment, and may the pious people blossom in its lands as plants/harvesting blossom/grow from water”.

With the du’a from Sayidina Abu Bakr, we can see today that Tareem have produced numerous Islamic scholars, including Imam al-Haddad and the land is plenty with water.

Her Culture

The Habaib is still to this very day traditionally educated and strict in Islamic observance. In Dar Az Zahra’, students are required to adhere to the following.

  • Having an open mind and humble trust to abide by the rules, regulation and arrangements as per the discretion of Daruz Zahra and its Administration.
  • To understand the importance of etiquette (adab) and being respectful in pursuing knowledge of the Deen. Always have husnu zon (good opinion of everything and everyone).

In terms of foods, students are served three meals a day by the school. Breakfast will usually be bread with soup/beans. Lunch and dinner will be Plain Spiced Rice with fried fish or eggs. Foods are served in a large tray and will be shared by minimum seven persons. Besides this, students may also buy other foods from the shops in Dar Az Zahra’ itself.


Tarim is generally hot and dry. The average annual temperature is about 26.7°C, although during the summer high temperatures can exceed 37.8°C. During the winter, the average temperature occasionally falls below 21.1°C.

The average rainfall is approximately 73 millimeters per year. A few times throughout the year, however, Hadhramaut experiences heavy rainfall resulting in significant flooding.

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